Rural Calvados from Normandy - A little treasure


Exceptional cuvée commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D’DAY landing of June 6, 1944.

Sainte-Mère-Eglise has long seen English and American soldiers return to the landing sites. The most known of them, John Steel, the parachutist made famous by the movie, "The Longest Day", came to Sainte Mere Eglise every year.

This 15-year-old rural Calvados from Normandy, slumbered in the heart of a Norman property, hidden in a cave hidden by thick vegetation.

Its elaboration according to traditional and artisanal methods of Cotentin gives it its unique flavor.

If alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, the moderate tasting of this Calvados offers an escape in space and time for a moment of fraternal sharing. Associated with a Romeo & Juliet cigar, N ° 2 Churchill, in memory of Sir W. Churchill who directed the D-Day operations from London. If the Queen of England had not stopped him, he would embark soldiers in the middle of a Landing Craft Tank to be at the heart of the action. This exceptional cuvée, produced at Sainte Mère Eglise, is a nod to these heroes and to Sir W. Churchill.


The oenologist's point of view:

"This confidential Calvados from Normandy has the typical character and expression of a true rural Calvados, as we used to do in the past. It reveals all the subtleties of the orchard from which it comes.

Several varieties of apples chosen for their degraded ripening over several months will highlight the successive aromas of green apple, ripe apple and candied apple.

This high level of personality and truth is the opposite of high yield industrial productions, usually with a single variety of apples.

Its aging, protected from light and vibrations, in apple tree barrels of different capacities and then assembled will not disappoint true amateurs. "

Marcel LOUET - Oenologist


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