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Buy on our site, a very rare product:

  • Exceptional Calvados of Normandie in a numbered and limited series.

This is a VERY OLD RESERVE vintage 2005 from Sainte Mere Eglise and commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D’DAY landing.

The originality of the design, the bottle and the packaging make it an exceptional product and the ideal gift to offer to collectors and enthusiasts of the World War 2

This Calvados could Ideally be associated with a Romeo & Juliet N02 cigar, Churchill in memory of SIR WILLIAM CHURCHIIL.

Who has never dreamed of discovering a treasure?

For Gérard Bocage, it's done! And it is with emotion that he today shares the discovery of his treasure with Calvados lovers.

Native of Sainte-Mère-Eglise, land of orchards, this elixir has always been present in his childhood memories. In moderation of course, it's a bit like his « Madeleine de PROUST », the one that brings out so many shared moments around a table at the end of family or friendly meals.

Land of the 1944 landings, Sainte-Mère-Eglise has long seen Englishmen and Americans return to the places where many families welcomed them as heroes. Gérard Bocage remembers that John Steel, the paratrooper made famous by the film, "The Longest Day", came to visit the family every year and offered a bottle of Bourbon to Gérard's father who only dreamed of a good Calvados.

At the dawn of the 75th anniversary of the landing, Gérard Bocage had the opportunity to discover a treasure in the heart of a Norman estate. Buried in a cave hidden by thick vegetation, he discovered and acquired three intact Calvados barrels that had been sleeping in peace for 15 years.

These three barrels contain a Calvados made according to traditional and artisanal Cotentin methods which give it a unique flavor. 900 liters of Calvados were carefully transported to the heart of a wine estate in Touraine, to be bottled.

Surrounded by a small team, 1,200 bottles were prepared for a weekend. Anxious to present this rare product in its most beautiful form, Gérard Bocage ordered the bottles in Italy, the corks in Portugal and the labels were produced in Cognac.

If alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, the moderate tasting of this Calvados offers an escape in space-time for a moment of fraternal sharing.

The oenologist's point of view:

This Calvados get typicality and expression of a real rural Calvados, as we used to do in the old days. It reveals all the subtleties of the orchard from which it comes with very low yields.

Several apple varieties chosen by their degraded ripening over several months highlight successive aromas: green apples, ripe apples and candied apples.

This high level of personality and truth is in contrast to high-performance industrial calvados with a single variety of apples.

Its aging, sheltered from light and vibrations, in apple  tree wood  barrels will delight true amateurs.

It will continue to improve slowly in the bottle, which should be kept upright.

Over the years it will lose slowly its power. Its dress will darken slightly but it will gain in finesse while retaining its current notes.

Marcel LOUET - Oenologist


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