Founder of the A Private Shop site, Gérard Bocage despite a busy professional life has always known how to cultivate his passions, take an interest in life and people with an insatiable curiosity. Each new professional assignment often triggered in him the desire to learn more about the environments in which he worked.

A Private Shop was born from the desire to go further and to give substance to rare objects and products, associating passions, taste for beautiful things, French refinement and know-how, craftsmanship and art.

More than a commercial site, A Private Shop, offers limited and numbered series for sale

  • Luxury watches for men and women,
  • Calvados, a very old reserve commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Normandy D’DAY at Sainte Mère, associated with the name of Sir Winston CHURCHILL and his famous Romeo & Juliet N ° 2 cigar.

And soon

  • Jewelry, with a pendant for women in Gold and Ruby produced in less than 10 copies
  • Knives named Earth & Air with wooden handle in the process of fossilization and meteorite

The universe of Gérard Bocage is the anchor point for each of the Exceptions on the site. Each product has a story, the genesis always has a meaning, and Gérard Bocage's desire is to design these objects alongside the best French craftsmen. They are all the result of the fusion of a passion, an encounter and a quality know-how.

Far from standardized production, the site will welcome two new products per year. Curious or future buyers will be able to discover the history of the design, from its genesis to its production. Let’s not reveal any more! We invite you now to discover our products.

A Private Shop is Creator of Exception (s).